Martial, Epigrams

LCL 480: 172-173

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et possis ipsum tu deridere Latinum: non potes in nugas dicere plura meas 5ipse ego quam dixi. quid dentem dente iuvabit rodere? carne opus est, si satur esse velis. ne perdas operam: qui se mirantur, in illos virus habe, nos haec novimus esse nihil. non tamen hoc nimium nihil est, si candidus aure 10nec matutina si mihi fronte venis.


Omnis in hoc gracili Xeniorum turba libello constabit nummis quattuor empta tibi. quattuor est nimium? poterit constare duobus, et faciet lucrum bybliopola Tryphon. 5haec licet hospitibus pro munere disticha mittas, si tibi tam rarus quam mihi nummus erit. addita per titulos sua nomina rebus habebis: praetereas, si quid non facit ad stomachum. 4 Tus Serus ut aetheriae Germanicus imperet aulae utque diu terris, da pia tura Iovi.

Epigrams Book XIII

asked, you may be able to make mock of Latinus himself, but you can’t say more against my trifles than I have said myself. Why gnaw tooth with tooth? 7 You need flesh if you want to fill your stomach. Don’t waste your efforts: keep your venom for self-admirers. I know that these things of mine are nothing—and yet not altogether nothing if you come to me with a friendly ear and a countenance not matutinal. 8


The entire assembly of Mottos in this slender little book will cost you four sesterces to buy. Is four too much? It could cost two, and bookseller Trypho still make a profit. You can send these couplets to your guests instead of a gift, if sesterces are as scarce with you as they are with me. You will find each item 9 identified by its title; if anything is not to your taste, just pass it by.

4. Incense

That Germanicus rule the palace of the skies late in time and long rule the earth, give pious incense to Jupiter.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.martial-epigrams.1993