Pro P. Sulla Oratio

1Maxime vellem, iudices, ut P. Sulla et antea dignitatis suae splendorem obtinere et post calamitatem acceptam modestiae fructum aliquem percipere potuisset. Sed quoniam ita tulit casus infestus ut in amplissimo honore cum communi ambitionis invidia tum singulari Autroni odio everteretur, et in his pristinae fortunae reliquiis miseris et adflictis tamen haberet quosdam quorum animos ne supplicio quidem suo satiare posset, quamquam ex huius incommodis magnam animo molestiam capio, tamen in ceteris malis facile patior oblatum mihi tempus esse in quo boni viri lenitatem meam misericordiamque, notam quondam omnibus, nunc quasi intermissam agnoscerent, improbi ac perditi cives domiti1 atque victi praecipitante re publica vehementem me fuisse atque fortem, conservata mitem ac misericordem faterentur. 2 Et quoniam L. Torquatus, meus familiaris ac necessarius, iudices, existimavit, si nostram in accusatione sua necessitudinem familiaritatemque violasset, aliquid


Pro Sulla

Speech in Defence of Publius Cornelius Sulla

It would be my dearest wish, gentlemen of the jury, 1 that Publius Sulla could on the previous occasion have preserved the lustre of his officea and after his conviction could have reaped some reward for his obedience to the law. An unkind fate, however, ensured that the jealousy which invariably accompanies a political career and the unique hatred felt for Autroniusb combined to deprive him of the highest office. It also ensured that in that pitiful and battered debris of his former good fortune there were found men whose spite was not to be satisfied even by his punishment. Deeply grieved though I am by his misfortunes, yet in the midst of my other problems I am well pleased that an occasion has been offered me of enabling loyal citizens to recognize my leniency and mercy that used to be known universally but are today virtually suspended.c I am pleased too that I can force unprincipled and abandoned citizens, now that they have been subdued and defeated, to admit that, unrelenting and firm as I was when the State was collapsing about us, I became mild and compassionate once it had been saved. My close and 2 intimate friend, Lucius Torquatus,d has thought, gentlemen, that a violation of our friendship and intimacy in his speech for the prosecution can in some

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.marcus_tullius_cicero-pro_sulla.1976