Cicero, Pro Lege Manilia

LCL 198: 14-15

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M. Tulli Ciceronis de Imperio cn. Pompei ad Quirites Oratio

1I. Quamquam mihi semper frequens conspectus vester multo iucundissimus, hic autem locus ad agendum amplissimus, ad dicendum ornatissimus est visus, Quirites, tamen hoc aditu laudis, qui semper optimo cuique maxime patuit, non mea me voluntas adhuc, sed vitae meae rationes ab ineunte aetate susceptae prohibuerunt. Nam cum antea per aetatem nondum huius auctoritatem loci attingere auderem statueremque nihil huc nisi perfectum ingenio, elaboratum industria adferri oportere, omne meum tempus amicorum temporibus transmittendum 2putavi. Ita neque hic locus vacuus umquam fuit ab iis, qui vestram causam defenderent, et meus labor in privatorum periculis caste integreque versatus ex vestro iudicio fructum est amplissimum consecutus. Nam cum propter dilationem comitiorum ter praetor


On The Manilian Law

The Speech Addressed to His Fellow - Citizensa By Marcus tullius cicero on The Appointment of Gnaeus Pompeiusb

I. Although it has at all times given me an especial1 pleasure to behold your crowded assembly, and this place in particular has seemed to me to afford the amplest scope for action, the fairest stage for eloquence, none the less, fellow-citizens, this approach to fame, which the best have ever found most widely open, has hitherto been barred to me, not certainly by any wish of mine, but by that scheme of life which, from my earliest years, I had laid down for myself. For previously, seeing that I was debarred by my youth from aspiring to this proud position and was resolved to bring here nothing but the mature outcome of my talent, the finished product of my industry, I considered that my every hour should be devoted to my friends in their hours of peril. And so, while this platform has never been2 without fit champions of your cause, the disinterested and blameless employment of my labours in private lawsuits has been crowned by the dignity which your verdict has conferred. For when, owing to the postponement of the elections,c my name was thrice proclaimed as heading the poll for the praetorship

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.marcus_tullius_cicero-pro_lege_manilia.1927