Cicero, Post Reditum in Senatu

LCL 158: 43

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The Speeches Delivered by Cicero after His Return from Exile

Including (1) Before the Senate, (2) Before the People, (3) Concerning his House, (4) Concerning the Response of the Soothsayers


Sketch of Events leading up to Cicero’s Exile and Return.—In 62, the year following Cicero’s consulship, Pompey returned from the East, and in 61 celebrated his triumph. Treated coldly by a suspicious senate, and disdaining to ally himself with the popular party which had been discredited by Catiline’s revolutionary schemes, he retired into inactivity. In the year following Caesar returned from Spain, and, renouncing the triumph which was his due, was elected consul for 59, the recognized leader of the democrats. With a view to the humiliation of the senate, an informal coalition —generally known as the “First Triumvirate”—was formed by Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus; Cicero was sounded as to his attitude, but refused to be detached from the conservative cause. Caesar, having passed measures for the satisfaction of Pompey’s veterans, according to compact, and for his own tenure of command in Gaul for five years,

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.marcus_tullius_cicero-post_reditum_in_senatu.1923