M. Tullii Ciceronis

De Partitione Oratoria

1I. Cicero Filius. Studeo, mi pater, Latine ex te audire ea quae mihi tu de ratione dicendi Graece tradidisti—si modo tibi est otium, et si vis.

Cicero Pater. An est, mi Cicero, quod ego malim quam te quam doctissimum esse? Otium autem primum est summum, quoniam aliquando Roma exeundi potestas data est; deinde ista tua studia vel maximis occupationibus meis anteferrem libenter.

2C. F. Visne igitur, ut tu me Graece soles ordine interrogare, sic ego te vicissim eisdem de rebus Latine interrogem?

C. P. Sane, si placet. Sic enim et ego te meminisse intellegam quae accepisti et tu ordine audies quae requires.

3C. F. Quot in partes distribuenda est omnis doctrina dicendi?

C. P. In tres.

C. F. Cedo quas?


De Partitione Oratoria

Marcus Tullius Cicero Classification of Oratory

1I. Cicero Junior. Father, I should like you to giveIntroduction. me in Latin the information that you have imparted to me in Greek about the theory of rhetoric—that is if you are at leisure, and if you wish to do so.

Cicero Senior. Is there anything, my boy, that I could wish more than that you should be as accomplished a scholar as possible? And, as for leisure, in the first place I have plenty of that now that I have at last obtained an opportunity of going out of town; and in the second place, I would gladly give your oratorical studies precedence over even the most important engagements of my own.

2C. Jun. Well then, are you agreeable to my adopting your method, and putting to you a series of questions in Latin about the same subjects as you examine me upon in Greek?

C. Sen. By all means if you like, as that procedure will enable me to see that you have remembered your previous lesson, and you will be able to obtain information on the points you raise seriatim.

3C. Jun. Into how many parts ought the theoryTheory of Rhetoric: three divisions, with subdivisions. of rhetoric as a whole to be divided?

C. Sen. Three.

C. Jun. Pray tell me what they are.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.marcus_tullius_cicero-de_partitione_oratoria.1942