Manetho, The History of Egypt

LCL 350: 28-29

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Aegyptiaca (Epitome)

This1 reigned for 62 years. He was carried off by a hippopotamus2 and perished.

2. Athôthis, his son, for 57 years. He built the palace at Memphis;3 and his anatomical works4 are extant, for he was a physician.

3. Kenkenês, his son, for 31 years.

4. Uenephês, his son, for 23 years. In his reign a great famine seized Egypt. He erected the pyramids near Kôchômê.5

5. Usaphaidos,6 his son, for 20 years.

6. Miebidos,6 his son, for 26 years.

7. Semempsês, his son, for 18 years. In his reign a very great calamity befell Egypt.

8. Biênechês, his son, for 26 years.

Total, 253 years.7

Eusebius also sets out the details of the First Dynasty in much the same way as Africanus.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.manetho-history_egypt.1940