Livy, History of Rome 41

LCL 332: 286-287

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Periocha Libri XLI

Ignis in aede Vestae extinctus est. Tib. Sempronius Gracchus pro cos. Celtiberos victos in deditionem accepit, monumentumque operum suorum Gracchurim oppidum in Hispania constituit; et a Postumio Albino pro cos. Vaccaei ac Lusitani subacti sunt. Uterque triumphavit. Antiochus, Antiochi filius, obses a patre Romanis datus mortuo fratre Seleuco, qui patri defuncto successerat, in regnum Syriae ab urbe dimissus. Qui praeter religionem, qua multa templa magnifica multis locis erexit,1 Athenis Iovis Olympii et Antiochiae Capitolini,2 vilissimum regem


Summary of Book XLI

Summary of Book XLI

1 *The fire in the temple of Vesta went out.2 *The proconsul3 Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus conquered and received the surrender of the Celtiberians, and as a monument to his labours established a town, Gracchuris,4 in Spain; also the Vaccaei and Lusitanians were subdued by the proconsul Postumius Albinus. Both celebrated triumphs. *Antiochus, son of Antiochus, who had been given to the Romans as a hostage by his father, on the death of his brother Seleucus, who had succeeded as king on their father’s decease, was sent back from the City to the throne of Syria.5 Apart from his piety, because of which he built many grand temples in many places—at Athens, the temple of Jupiter Olympius, and at Antioch, that of Jupiter Capitolinus—he played a very tawdry rôle

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.livy-history_rome_41.1938