Livy, History of Rome 40

LCL 313: 556-557

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Martias, M. Titinius Curvus, Ti. Claudius Nero, T. Fonteius Capito. 6ludi Romani instaurati ab aedilibus curulibus Cn. Servilio Caepione Ap. Claudio Centhone propter prodigia quae evenerant: terra movit; 7in fanis publicis, ubi lectisternium erat, deorum capita, quae in lectis erant, 8averterunt se, lanxque cum integumentis, quae Iovi apposita fuit, decidit de mensa; oleas quoque praegustasse mures in prodigium versum est; ad ea expianda nihil ultra quam ut ludi instaurarentur actum est.



three were appointed: Marcus Titinius Curvus, Tiberius Claudius Nero, and Titus Fonteius Capito.214 The Roman Games were repeated by the curule aediles, Gnaeus Servilius Caepio and Appius Claudius Centho, because a

number of prodigies had occurred.215 There was an earthquake; in the public shrines, during the holding of the lectisternium, the heads of the gods on the couches turned away and the dish and its covering that had been placed in front of Jupiter fell from the table; and in addition, mice had taken a taste of the olives, which was also regarded as a prodigy. All that was done by way of expiation was the renewal of the games.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.livy-history_rome_40.2018