Livy, History of Rome 27

LCL 367: 398-399

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est, capta V̅CCCC M. Livi cos. ductu, sed non minore opera Claudi Neronis cos., qui, cum Hannibali oppositus esset, relictis castris ita ut hostem falleret, cum electa manu profectus Hasdrubalem circumvenerat. res praeterea feliciter a P. Scipione in Hispania et a P. Sulpicio praetore adversus Philippum et Achaeos gestas continet.



fifty-four hundred were captured; this occurred under the command of the consul Marcus Livius, but no less significant was the part played by the consul Claudius Nero, who, after being assigned to confront Hannibal, left his camp in such a way as to dupe his enemy and, having set out with a handpicked force, got the better of Hasdrubal. In addition, the book contains the successful operations conducted in Spain by Publius Scipio, and by the praetor Publius Sulpicius against Philip and the Achaeans.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.livy-history_rome_27.2020