Livy, History of Rome 27

LCL 367: 396-397

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Cn. Fulvius proconsul cum exercitu ab Hannibale ad Herdoneam caesus est. meliore eventu ab Claudio Marcello cos. adversus eundem ad Numistronem pugnatum est. inde Hannibal nocte recessit. Marcellus insecutus est et subinde cedentem pressit, donec confligeret. priore pugna Hannibal superior, sequenti Marcellus. Fabius Maximus pater consul Tarentinos per proditionem recepit. Claudius Marcellus T. Quinctius Crispinus consules speculandi causa progressi e castris insidiis ab Hannibale circumventi sunt. Marcellus occisus, Crispinus fugit. lustrum a censoribus conditum est. censa sunt civium capita C̅X̅X̅X̅V̅I̅I̅ CVIII; ex quo numero apparuit quantum hominum tot proeliorum adversa fortuna populo R. abstulisset. in Hispania ad Baeculam Scipio cum Hasdrubale et Hamilcare conflixit et vicit. inter alia captum regalem puerum eximiae formae ad avunculum Masinissam cum donis dimisit. Hasdrubal, qui cum exercitu novo Alpes transcenderat ut se Hannibali iungeret, cum milibus hominum LVI caesus




The proconsul Gnaeus Fulvius was destroyed by Hannibal, along with his army, near Herdonea. A battle with a more successful outcome was fought against that same leader near Numistro by the consul Claudius Marcellus. Hannibal left there by night. Marcellus pursued him and put pressure on him as he retreated, until he engaged him in the field. In the first battle Hannibal emerged the winner, and in the second Marcellus. The consul Fabius Maximus (the father), as consul, recovered Tarentum through betrayal. The consuls Claudius Marcellus and Titus Quinctius Crispinus went forward from the camp to reconnoiter and were caught in an ambush by Hannibal. Marcellus was killed and Crispinus escaped. The lustrum was closed by the censors, and the census revealed 137,108 citizens, from which figure it became clear how many men the misfortunes of the Roman people had taken from them in so many wars. At Baecula in Spain Scipio fought with Hasdrubal and Hamilcar232 and was victorious. Among the other spoils a boy of royal birth and exquisite looks had been captured, and he was sent away to his maternal uncle Masinissa by Scipio with gifts. Hasdrubal, who had crossed the Alps with a new army to unite with Hannibal, was killed with fifty-six thousand men, and

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DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.livy-history_rome_27.2020