Livy, History of Rome 25

LCL 355: 500-501

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interfectus est. P. et Cn. Scipiones in Hispania tot rerum feliciter gestarum tristem exitum tulerunt, prope cum totis exercitibus caesi anno octavo quam in Hispaniam ierunt. Amissaque eius provinciae possessio foret, nisi L. Marcii equitis Romani virtute et industria contractis exercituum reliquiis eiusdem hortatu bina castra hostium expugnata essent. Ad X̅X̅V̅I̅I̅ caesa, ad mille octingentos, praeda ingens capta. Dux Marcius appellatus est.



Publius and Gnaeus Scipio in Spain met with an unhappy end to their many successes, being killed with almost their entire armies in the eighth year after they went to Spain. And possession of that province would have been lost, had not the remnants of the armies been brought together by the bravery and hard work of Lucius Marcius, a Roman knight, and through his encouragement two camps of the enemy been taken by storm. About twenty-seven thousand were killed, about one thousand eight hundred men and vast booty captured. Marcius was named commander.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.livy-history_rome_25.2020