Livy, History of Rome 23

LCL 355: 174-175

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Romanis meliorem spem belli dedit. Inter Philippum Macedoniae regem et Hannibalem societas iuncta est. Praeterea in Hispania feliciter a P. et <Cn. Scipionibus. in Sardinia a>44 <T.> Manlio praetore adversus Poenos res gestas continet, a quibus Hasdrubal dux et Mago et Hanno capti. Exercitus Hannibalis per hiberna ita luxuriatus est ut corporis animique viribus enervaretur.



so many disasters, better hope for the war. An alliance was formed between Philip, king of Macedonia, and Hannibal. The book also contains the successes gained over the Carthaginians by Publius <and Gnaeus Scipio in Spain and by> Titus Manlius, the praetor, in Sardinia. The general Hasdrubal and Mago and Hanno were captured by them. The army of Hannibal lived with such indulgence in winter quarters as to be weakened in body and spirit.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.livy-history_rome_23.2020