[Livy], Julius Obsequens, A Book of Prodigies after the 505th Year of Rome

LCL 404: 238-239

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Iulii Obsequentis

Ab Anno Urbis Conditae Dv Prodigiorum Liber

a.u.c. 564L. Scipione C. Laelio coss.

1. Iunonis Lucinae templum fulmine ictum ita ut fastigium valvaeque deformarentur. In finitimis pleraque de caelo icta. Nursiae sereno nimbi orti et homines duo exanimati. Tusculi terra pluit. Mula Reate peperit. Supplicatio per decem pueros patrimos matrimos totidem virgines habita.

a.u.c. 566M. Messala C. Livio coss.

2. Luce inter horam tertiam et quartam tenebrae ortae. In Aventino lapidum pluviae novendiali expiatae. In Hispania prospere militatum.

a.u.c. 568Sp. Postumio Albino Q. Marcio Philippo coss.1

3. Sacrum novendiale factum quod in Piceno lapidibus pluit ignesque caelestes multifariam orti

  • 1Sp. Postumio Albino Q. Marcio Philippo coss. add. Oudendorp: om. MS.

Julius Obsequens

Julius Obsequens

A Book of Prodigies After the 505th Year of Rome

Consulship of Lucius Spcipio and Gaius Laelius b.c. 190

1. The temple of Juno Lucina was struck by lightning, in such a way that the gable and the doors were damaged. In neighbouring towns many things were struck by lightning. At Nursia storm-clouds gathered from a clear sky, and two persons were killed. At Tusculum there was a shower of earth. A mule at Reate produced a colt. A day of prayer was observed by ten boys with living fathers and mothers, and as many girls. (XXXVII. iii. 2–6.1)

Consulship of Marcus Messala and Gaius Livius b.c. 188

2. Between the third and fourth hour of the day, darkness set in. On the Aventine, showers of stones were atoned for by a nine-day observance. There was a successful campaign in Spain. (XXXVIII. xxxvi. 4.)

Consulship of Spurius Postumius Albinus and b.c. 186Quintus Marcius Philippus

3. A nine-day observance was held because there had been a shower of stones in Picenum, and because lightning bolts, appearing in many places, had

  • 1References are to the passages of Livy on which Obsequens drew, unless otherwise indicated.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.julius_obsequens-prodigies.1959