Isaeus, 6. On the Estate of Philoctemon

LCL 202: 202-203

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Εὐκτήμονος υἱὸς Φιλοκτήμων τὸν τῆς ἑτέρας τῶν ἀδελφῶν καὶ Φανοστράτου υἱὸν Χαιρέστρατον ποιησάμενος κατὰ διαθήκας τεθείσας παρὰ Χαιρέᾳ τῷ τῆς ἑτέρας ἀδελφῆς ἀνδρί, ἐτελεύτησε ζῶντος ἔτι τοῦ πατρός ὕστερον δὲ κἀκείνου ἀποθανόντος ἔλαχεν ὁ Χαιρέστρατος τοῦ κλήρου κατὰ τὸν νόμον. διαμαρτυρήσαντος δὲ Ἀνδροκλέους μὴ εἶναι ἐπίδικον ὄντος Ἀντιδώρου γνησίου παιδὸς Εὐκτήμονι, οἱ περὶ Χαιρέστρατον ἐπεσκήψαντο τῇ διαμαρτυρίᾳ, καὶ τοῦτον καὶ τὴν ἀδελφὴν αὐτοῦ νόθους γεγονέναι φάσκοντες, τὸν δὲ νόμον διαγορεύειν νόθῳ καὶ νόθῃ μὴ εἶναι ἀγχιστείαν. ἡ στάσις στοχασμός· ἄδηλον γὰρ εἰ ἐποίησε Φιλοκτήμων Χαιρέστρατον υἱὸν ἑαυτῷ, καὶ πάλιν ἄδηλον εἰ γνήσιοί εἰσιν οἱ περὶ Ἀντίδωρον.


Ὅτι μέν, ὦ ἄνδρες, πάντων οἰκειότατα <τυγχάνω>1 χρώμενος Φανοστράτῳ τε καὶ Χαιρεστράτῳ τουτῳί,2 τοὺς πολλοὺς οἶμαι ὑμῶν εἰδέναι, τοῖς δὲ μὴ εἰδόσιν ἱκανὸν ἐρῶ τεκμήριον· ὅτε γὰρ εἰς



VI. On the Estate of Philoctemon


Philoctemon, a son of Euctemon, adopted Chaerestratus, the son of one of his two sisters and of Phanostratus, in a will which was deposited with Chaereas, the husband of the other sister, and died during his father’s lifetime. When the latter also died, Chaerestratus claimed possession in accordance with the law. When Androcles lodged a protestation that the estate was not adjudgeable because Euctemon had a legitimate son, namely, Antidorus,a Chaerestratus and his supporters impugned the protestation, declaring that both Antidorus and his sisterb were illegitimate and that the law ordains that an illegitimate son or daughter cannot inherit as next-of-kin. The question at issue is one of fact; for it is uncertain whether Philoctemon adopted Chaerestratus as his son, and, further, whether Antidorus and the other child are legitimate.

That I am on terms of very close friendship with Phanostratus and with Chaerestratus here, I think most of you, gentlemen, are aware, but to those who are not aware of it I will give a convincing proof. When Chaerestratusc set sail for Sicily in

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.isaeus-vi_estate_philoctemon.1927