Isaeus, The Lost Speeches and Fragments

LCL 202: 456-457

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XXXV. Πρὸς ὀργεῶνας.

Against the members of a religious confraternity.

(Harpocration, s.vv. παλίνσκιον [Fr. 28], ἀποφοράν [Fr. 29], ὀργεῶνας, etc)

The suit in which this speech was delivered appears to have been concerned with the possession of a piece of land.

XXXVI. Περὶ τῆς ποιήσεως

On the adoption.

(Harpocration, s.v. οἶον.)

XXXVII. Κατὰ Ποσειδίππου.

Against Poseidippus.

(Harpocration, s.v. Θορικός.

XXXVIII. Πρὸς Πύθωνα ἀποστασίου.

Against Python, on an accusation of contumacious conduct.

(Harpocration, s.vv. διαμαρτυρία, κλητῆρες.)

Compare Πρὸς Ἀπολλόδωρον ἀποστασίου ἀπολογία (p. 446).

XXXIX. Πρὸς Σάτυρον ὑπὲρ ἐπικλήρου.

Against Satyrus, on behalf of an heiress.

(Harpocration, s.v. ἐπίδικος.)



XL. Κατὰ Στρατοκλέους.

Against Stratocles.

(Harpocration, s.v. ὀθνεῖος.)

This is perhaps identical with No. xli.

XLI. Πρὸς Στρατοκλέα.

Against Stratocles.

(Harpocration, s.vv. διωλύγιον [Fr. 30], μεῖον [Fr. 31].)

XLII. Τεμενικός

On a sacred enclosure.

(Harpocration, s.vv. ἅμιπποι, Λύκος ἥρως.)

XLIII. Πρὸς Τίμωνίδην περὶ χωρίου.

Against Timonides, concerning a plot of ground.

(Harpocration, s.v. οὐσίας δίκη.)

XLIV. Πρὸς Τληπόλεμον ἀντωμοσία.

Against Tlepolemus, on a special plea.

(Ptolemaeus, Περὶ διαφορᾶς λέξεων, Hermes, xxii. (1887) p. 410 [Fr. 32]; Harpocration, s.v. ἐπώνια.)

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.isaeus-lost_speeches_fragments.1927