[Homer], Homeric Hymns 4. To Hermes

LCL 496: 112-113

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Homeric Hymns


Ἑρμῆν ὕμνει, Μοῦσα, Διὸς καὶ Μαιάδος υἱόν, Κυλλήνης μεδέοντα καὶ Ἀρκαδίης πολυμήλου, ἄγγελον ἀθανάτων ἐριούνιον, ὃν τέκε Μαῖα νύμφη ἐϋπλόκαμος Διὸς ἐν φιλότητι μιγεῖσα 5αἰδοίη· μακάρων δὲ θεῶν ἠλεύαθ᾿ ὅμιλον ἄντρον ἔσω ναίουσα παλίσκιον, ἔνθα Κρονίων νύμφηι ἐϋπλοκάμωι μισγέσκετο νυκτὸς ἀμολγῶι,

  • 530τε Cobet: τ᾿ εὖ Ω
  • 537κ᾿ ἐμοὶ West: ἐμοί κ᾿ Ω post 539 lac. Stat. Wolf

4. To Hermes

4. To Hermes

Sing of Hermes, Muse, the son of Zeus and Maia, the lord of Cyllene and Arcadia rich in flocks, the immortals’ coursing messenger, whom Maia bore, that nymph of lovely tresses, in shared intimacy with Zeus; modest one, who shunned the company of the blessed gods, dwelling within a cave’s shadow. There the son of Kronos used to unite with the nymph of lovely tresses in the depth of the night, so

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.homeric_hymns_4_hermes.2003