[Homer], Homeric Hymns 22. To Poseidon

LCL 496: 204-205

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Ἀμφὶ Ποσειδάωνα, μέγαν θεόν, ἄρχομ᾿ ἀείδειν, γαίης κινητῆρα καὶ ἀτρυγέτοιο θαλάσσης, πόντιον, ὅς θ᾿ Ἑλικῶνα καὶ εὐρείας ἔχει Αἰγάς. διχθά τοι, Ἐννοσίγαιε, θεοὶ τιμὴν ἐδάσαντο, 5ἵππων τε δμητῆρ᾿ ἔμεναι σωτῆρά τε νηῶν.

χαῖρε, Ποσείδαον γαιήοχε κυανοχαῖτα, καί, μάκαρ, εὐμενὲς ἦτορ ἔχων πλώουσιν ἄρηγε.


22. To Poseidon

About Poseidon the great god first I sing, mover of the earth and the barren sea, marine god, who possesses Helicon and broad Aegae. In two parts, Earth-shaker, the gods assigned you your privilege: to be a tamer of horses, and savior of ships.

I salute you, Poseidon, earth-rider, sable-hair. Keep your heart well disposed, blessed one, and assist those at sea.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.homeric_hymns_22_poseidon.2003