Homeric Hymns



A (Pap. Genav. 432; lines 2–10 Diod. 3.66.3; lines 9–10 also Diod. 1.15.7, 4.2.4, schol. Ap. Rhod. 2.1211)

]απ[ οἳ μὲν γὰρ Δρακάνωι σ᾿, οἳ δ᾿ Ἰκάρωι ἠνεμοέσσηι φᾶσ᾿, οἳ δ᾿ ἐν Νάξωι, δῖον γένος Εἰραφιῶτα, οἳ δέ σ᾿ ἐπ᾿ Ἀλφειῶι ποταμῶι βαθυδινήεντι 5{κυσαμένην Σεμέλην τεκέειν Διὶ τερπικεραύνωι}, ἄλλοι δ᾿ ἐν Θήβηισιν ἄναξ σε λέγουσι γενέσθαι, ψευδόμενοι· σὲ δ᾿ ἔτικτε πατὴρ ἀνδρῶν τε θεῶν τε πολλὸν ἀπ᾿ ἀνθρώπων, κρύπτων λευκώλενον Ἥρην. ἔστι δέ τις Νύση ὕπατον ὄρος, ἀνθέον ὕληι, 10τηλοῦ Φοινίκης, σχεδὸν Αἰγύπτοιο ῥοάων· ἔνθ᾿ οὔ τις σὺν νηῒ] πε[ᾶι] μερόπων ἀνθρώπων· οὐ γάρ οἱ ἔστι λι]ήν, νηῶν ὄχος ἀμφιελισσέων, ἀλλά οἱ ἠλίβα] πέτρη περιδέδρομε πάντηι ὑψηλή, τά τε κα]ὰ φύει μενοεικέα πολλά 15] κατέχει βα[   ][ ] τεανυ   [ ]   τεκ[

  • A2 σ᾿ om. pap.
  • 5om. pap. et Diod. codd. pars
  • 6post 3 pap.
  • 9ὄρος pap., Diod.: κέρας schol.
  • 11-14ex Orph. Arg. 1199–1202 restituti
  • 13περιδέδρομε West: -δεδραμε pap.

1.To Dionysus


1. To Dionysus

(A) . . . For some say it was at Drakanos, some on windy Ikaros, some on Naxos, O scion of Zeus, Bull god, and some at Alpheios the deep-swirling river {that Semele conceived and bore you to Zeus whose sport is the thunderbolt}, while others, Lord, say that it was at Thebes you were born. All false! The father of gods and men gave you birth far from humankind, to conceal you from white-armed Hera. There is a place Nysa, a mountain most high, burgeoning with forest, in a distant part of Phoenicia, almost at the waters of the Nile. No one crosses there by ship, for it has no harbor where curly-tipped ships can ride: a steep cliff encloses it all round to a great height. But it grows lovely and delicious things in abundance . . . occupied

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.homeric_hymns_1_dionysus_fragments.2003