[Homer], The Battle of Frogs and Mice

LCL 496: 262-263

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Homeric Apocrypha



Mart. Epigr. 14.183, Homeri Batrachomachia

Perlege Maeonio cantatas carmine ranas, et frontem nugis soluere disce meis.

Stat. praef. ad Silv. 1

Sed et Culicem legimus et Batrachomachiam etiam agnoscimus, nec quisquam est inlustrium poetarum qui non

  • 59ἤ(ι)δη . . .ἀκούσας Burkert, Merkelbach

Weasel and the Mice

The Battle of Frogs And Mice


Martial, Epigrams, “Homer’s Battle of Frogs”

Read the tale of the frogs as poetically narrated in Maeonian song and learn to smile at my trifles.

Statius, Preface to the Silvae

But we read the (Virgilian) Culex, and we acknowledge the Battle of Frogs too; there is none of the famous poets who

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.homeric_apocrypha_battle_frogs_mice_testimonia.2003