Homer, Odyssey

LCL 104: 46-47

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Ἦμος δ᾿ ἠριγένεια φάνη ῥοδοδάκτυλος Ἠώς, ὤρνυτ᾿ ἄρ᾿ ἐξ εὐνῆφιν Ὀδυσσῆος φίλος υἱὸς εἵματα ἑσσάμενος, περὶ δὲ ξίφος ὀξὺ θέτ᾿ ὤμῳ, ποσσὶ δ᾿ ὑπὸ λιπαροῖσιν ἐδήσατο καλὰ πέδιλα, 5βῆ δ᾿ ἴμεν ἐκ θαλάμοιο θεῷ ἐναλίγκιος ἄντην. αἶψα δὲ κηρύκεσσι λιγυφθόγγοισι κέλευσε κηρύσσειν ἀγορήνδε κάρη κομόωντας Ἀχαιούς. οἱ μὲν ἐκήρυσσον, τοὶ δ᾿ ἠγείροντο μάλ᾿ ὦκα. αὐτὰρ ἐπεί ῥ᾿ ἤγερθεν ὁμηγερέες τ᾿ ἐγένοντο, 10βῆ ῥ᾿ ἴμεν εἰς ἀγορήν, παλάμῃ δ᾿ ἔχε χάλκεον ἔγχος, οὐκ οἶος, ἅμα τῷ γε δύω κύνες1 ἀργοὶ ἕποντο. θεσπεσίην δ᾿ ἄρα τῷ γε χάριν κατέχευεν Ἀθήνη. τὸν δ᾿ ἄρα πάντες λαοὶ ἐπερχόμενον θηεῦντο· ἕζετο δ᾿ ἐν πατρὸς θώκῳ, εἶξαν δὲ γέροντες.

15τοῖσι δ᾿ ἔπειθ᾿ ἥρως Αἰγύπτιος ἦρχ᾿ ἀγορεύειν, ὃς δὴ γήραϊ κυφὸς ἔην καὶ μυρία ᾔδη. καὶ γὰρ τοῦ φίλος υἱὸς ἅμ᾿ ἀντιθέῳ Ὀδυσῆι Ἴλιον εἰς ἐύπωλον ἔβη κοίλῃς ἐνὶ νηυσίν, Ἄντιφος αἰχμητής· τὸν δ᾿ ἄγριος ἔκτανε Κύκλωψ 20ἐν σπῆι γλαφυρῷ, πύματον δ᾿ ὡπλίσσατο δόρπον.


Book 2

Book 2

As soon as early Dawn appeared, the rosy-fingered, up from his bed rose the staunch son of Odysseus and put on his clothing. About his shoulder he slung his sharp sword, and beneath his shining feet bound his fair sandals, and went forth from his chamber like a god to look upon. At once he bade the clear-voiced heralds to summon to the assembly the long-haired Achaeans. And the heralds made the summons, and the Achaeans assembled quickly. Now when they were assembled and met together, Telemachus went his way, holding in his hand a spear of bronze—not alone, for along with him two swift dogs followed; and wondrous was the grace that Athene shed upon him, and all the people marveled at him as he came. He sat down in his father’s seat, and the elders gave place.

Then among them the hero Aegyptius was the first to speak, a man bowed with age and wise with wisdom untold. Now he spoke, because his dear son, the spearman Antiphus, had gone in the hollow ships to Ilium, famed for its horses, in the company of godlike Odysseus. But him the savage Cyclops had slain in his hollow cave, and made of him his latest meal. Three others there were; one,

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.homer-odyssey.1919