Hippocrates of Cos, Prorrhetic 2

LCL 482: 212-213

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Prorrhetic II


Although he clearly knows of the treatise’s existence, Erotian considers it spurious and does not include any word from it in his Glossary.1 Galen, on the other hand, glosses six terms from “the greater Prorrhetic (which some call the second).”2 In his treatise Prognostic, he also quotes the line “I, however, shall not prophesy anything like this” from ch. 2 of Prorrhetic II, taking the occasion to indicate that he agrees with “some physicians who hold Prorrhetic II not to be among the genuine Hippocratic books.”3

The contents of Prorrhetic II can be summarized as follows:

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.hippocrates_cos-prorrhetic_ii.1995