Hippocrates of Cos, Glands

LCL 482: 102-103

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In chapter 11 of Joints, where the writer is discussing cautery in the axilla, we read:

All men have glands, smaller or larger, in the axilla and many other parts of the body. But the general nature of glands (περὶ ἀδένων οὐλομελίης) will be described in another treatise, both what they are, and their signification and action in the parts they occupy.1

Galen remarks on this passage in his Commentary to Joints:

The complete system of the nature of glands, which he promised to expound elsewhere, he called “οὐλομελίη”; however such a book of Hippocrates about the general nature of glands is not extant. But one of the more recent Hippocrateans wrote a pamphlet to which he affixed the inscription “Hippocrates on the general nature of glands”; this work falls far short of the genuine Hippocratic writings in both language and thought, nor has any of the earlier physicians made mention of it, nor do those who

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.hippocrates_cos-glands.1995