Hippocrates of Cos, Fleshes

LCL 482: 126-127

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The only trace of this work to be found in ancient writings appears in the Hippocratic glossaries of Erotian1 and Galen, both of which contain the uniquely occurring word ἀνακῶς (Fleshes ch. 19). One or more of three other entries in Galen’s Glossary may also derive from Fleshes, although not necessarily so, since they do occur elsewhere in the Corpus: αἰών (Fleshes ch. 19 bis); συριγγώδη (chs. 3, 7, 15); τέως (chs. 8, 9, 13).

The theory put forth in the first part of the treatise, and developed with such energy and care, marks its author as one of the most extraordinary scientific minds of the Corpus; the reasoning here is comparable in power and originality to anything we find in Generation-Nature of the Child, Diseases IV, Regimen, or the Sacred Disease.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.hippocrates_cos-fleshes.1995