Hermippus, Comic Testimonia and Fragments

LCL 514: 280-281

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The Poets of Old Comedy

v IG ii2 2325.123

Ἕρμιππος IIII

iv Aristophanes Clouds 557–58

εἶθ᾿ Ἕρμιππος αὖθις ἐποίησεν εἰς Ὑπέρβολον, ἅλλοι τ᾿ ἤδη πάντες ἐρείδουσιν εἰς Ὑπέρβολον

vii Σ Aristophanes Clouds 541b

τἄπη τῇ βακτηρίᾳ· ὡς εἰς τοῦτο τὸ μέρος εὐεπίφορον ὄντα τὸν Ἕρμιππον σκώπτει.

viii Athenaeus 699a

πεποίηκε δὲ παρῳδίας καὶ Ἕρμιππος ὁ τῆς ἀρχαίας κωμῳδίας ποιητής.

ix Aristophanes F 590.90

ταδ᾿ Ἑρμι[ππο

x Tzetzes Distinctions among Poets (Koster XXIa.82–84)

τῆς δευτέρας ἦν ὁ ψόγος κεκρυμμένος, ἧς ἦν Κρατῖνος, Εὔπολις, Φερεκράτης, Ἀριστοφάνης, Ἕρμιππός τε καὶ Πλάτων.



v [list of the comic victors at the Lenaia]

Hermippus 4

vi Then in his turn Hermippus went after Hyperbolus and then everyone starts in on Hyperbolus, copying my metaphor of the eels.

vii “Words with his stick”: he is making fun of Hermippus for being prone to this sort of thing.

viii Hermippus the poet of Old Comedy also wrote parodies.

ix [from a commentary to Aristophanes]

This <is> from Hermi[ppus].

x Indirect insult was characteristic of second <comedy>, to which belonged Cratinus, Eupolis, Pherecrates, Aristophanes, Hermippus, and Platon.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.hermippus-comic_testimonia_fragments.2011