Hadrian, Poems

LCL 434: 446-447

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Minor Latin Poets


Borysthenes Alanus, Caesareus veredus, per aequor et paludes et tumulos Etruscos 5volare qui solebat, Pannonicos nec ullus apros eum insequentem dente aper albicanti ausus fuit nocere: 11sparsit ab ore caudam 10vel extimam saliva, ut solet evenire. sed integer iuventa inviolatus artus 15die sua peremptus hic situs est in agro.

  • 6-11Pannonicos in apros (nec ullus insequentem dente aper albicanti ausus fuit notare) sparsit ab ore caldam vel extimam salivam Baehrens: Pannonicos nec ullus † apros insequentem cod.: apros eum insequentem Scriverius.
  • 10-11caudam cod.: caldam Casaubon. extimam salivam cod.: extima saliva Scriverius. Hos versus transposuit Riese.



On his Favourite Hunting-horse

Borysthenes the Alana Was mighty Caesar’s steed: O’er marshland and o’er level, O’er Tuscan hills, with speed He used to fly, and never Could any rushing boar Amid Pannonian boar-hunt Make bold his flank to goreb With sharp tusk whitely gleaming: The foam from off his lips, As oft may chance, would sprinkle His tail e’en to the tips. But he in youthful vigour, His limbs unsapped by toil, On his own day extinguished, Here lies beneath the soil.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.hadrian-poems.1934