Iambic Poetry

Adespota Iambica

1–35 Trimetri Recti

1 Heracl. Lemb. π. πολιτειῶν (p. 24.22 Dilts)

τὴν δὲ πολιτείαν τῶν Σαμίων Συλοσῶν ἠρήμωσεν· ἀφ᾿ οὗ καὶ ἡ παροιμία·

ἕκητι Συλοσῶντος εὐρυχωρίη.

2 Cic. ad Att. 6.3.1

tu autem abes longe gentium,

πολλὰ δ᾿ ἐν μεταιχμίῳ Νότος κυλίνδει κύματ᾿ εὐρείης ἁλός.

3 Strabo 14.1.30

καὶ ἡ Τέως δὲ ἐπὶ χερρονήσῳ ἵδρυται, λιμένα ἔχουσα. ἐνθένδε ἐστὶν Ἀνακρέων ὁ μελοποιός, ἐφ᾿ οὗ Τήιοι τὴν

  • 2εὐρέης Lobel

Adespota Iambica


1–35 Iambic Trimeters

1 Heraclides Lembus, On Constitutions

Syloson laid waste the state of the Samians and from this there arose the proverb:

By the will of Syloson there is wide open space.1

2 Cicero, Letters to Atticus

but you are in a far distant land,

and in the intervening space the South Wind rolls many a wave of the wide sea

3 Strabo, Geography

Teos too is situated on a peninsula and has a harbour. From there came the lyric poet Anacreon in whose day the

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.greek_iambic_poetry_anonymous_iambics.1999