εἰς Χρύσιλλαν τὴν ἑταίραν

Ὄρθρος ἔβη, Χρύσιλλα, πάλαι δ᾽ ἠῷος ἀλέκτωρ κηρύσσων φθονερὴν Ἠριγένειαν ἄγει. ὀρνίθων ἔρροις φθονερώτατος, ὅς με διώκεις οἴκοθεν εἰς πολλοὺς ἠϊθέων ὀάρους. 5γηράσκεις, Τιθωνέ· τί γὰρ σὴν εὐνέτιν Ἠῶ οὕτως ὀρθριδίην ἤλασας ἐκ λεχέων;

3 φθονερώτατος P φθονερώτατε Pl


εἰς Φιλαινίδα τὴν νεωτέραν

Τὸν σιγῶντα, Φιλαινί, συνίστορα τῶν ἀλαλήτων λύχνον ἐλαιηρῆς ἐκμεθύσασα δρόσου, ἔξιθι· μαρτυρίην γὰρ Ἔρως μόνος οὐκ ἐφίλησεν ἔμπνουν· καὶ πυκνὴν κλεῖε, Φιλαινί, θύρην. 5καὶ σύ, φιλη Ξανθώ, με—σὺ δ᾽, ὦ φιλεράστρι᾽ ἄκοιτις, ἤδη τῆς Παφίης ἴσθι τὰ λειπόμενα.

4 πυκνὴν Stadtmüller τυκτὴν Pl πυκτὴν P θύρην P θύραν Pl 5–6 om. Pl 5 φίλη P1 φίλει c φιλεράστρι᾽ ἄκοιτις c φιλεράστρια κοίτης P1


εἰς ἑταίραν τινά

Ἀργύρεον νυχίων με συνίστορα πιστὸν ἐρώτων οὐ πιστῇ λύχνον Φλάκκος ἔδωκε Νάπῃ,



3 antipater of thessalonica

On the courtesan Chrysilla

The morning twilight has passed, Chrysilla, and the dawn rooster has long been crowing, summoning the envious break of day. Away with you, most envious of birds—you who chase me from my home into the constant chatter of young men. You are growing old, Tithonus, or why did you drive Dawn, your bedmate, from your couch so early in the morning?

4 philodemus

On the younger Philaenis1

Philaenis, with dewy oil make drunk the lamp, the silent confidant of our mysteries—and get out! For Love alone is not fond of a living witness. And shut the door tight, Philaenis.

Now you, dear Xantho, take me and . . . you, my wife, fond of love, learn now the rest of the Paphian goddess’s2 secrets.

5 statyllius flaccus

On a courtesan

To faithless Nape Flaccus gave me, a silver lamp, the faithful confidant of the loves of the night. Now I droop by her

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.greek_anthology_5.2014