Greek Anthology

Book XVI

Epigrams of The Planudean Anthology Not in The Palatine Manuscript

The Anthology of Planudes is in seven Books, the contents of which are as follows: I. Declamatory and Descriptive Epigrams; II. Satirical Epigrams; III. Sepulchral Epigrams; IV. Epigrams on monuments, statues, etc.; V. Christodorus’ description of the statues in the gymnasium of the Zeuxippus (= Anth. Pal., Book II.), and a collection of Epigrams from the Hippodrome in Constantinople; VI. Dedicatory Epigrams; VII. Amatory Epigrams. As will be seen, while the other Books contain only a small number of Epigrams not included in the Palatine MS., almost the whole of Book IV. is absent from the latter, and we can only conclude that a Book of the Anthology of Cephalas was missing in the MS. of which the Palatine MS, is a transcript.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.greek_anthology_16.1918