Greek Anthology

τὴν ἔτι μὲν γὰρ ἄθικτον ἀκμὴν λάλου ὀνόμαζε, κωκὼ τὴν φυσᾷν ἄρτι καταρχομένην· 5τὴν δ᾿ ἤδη πρὸς χεῖρα σαλευομένην, λέγε σαύραν· τὴν δὲ τελειοτέρην, οἶδας ἃ χρή σε καλεῖν.


Ἀκμῇ δωδεκέτους ἐπιτέρπομαι· ἔστι δὲ τούτου χὠ τρισκαιδεκέτης πουλὺ ποθεινότερος· χὠ τὰ δὶς ἑπτὰ νέμων, γλυκερώτερον ἄνθος Ἐρώτων· τερπνότερος δ᾿ ὁ τρίτης πεντάδος ἀρχόμενος· 5ἑξεπικαιδέκατον δὲ θεῶν ἔτος· ἑβδόματον δὲ καὶ δέκατον ζητεῖν οὐκ ἐμόν, ἀλλὰ Διός. εἰ δ᾿ ἐπὶ πρεσβυτέρους τις ἔχει πόθον, οὐκέτι παίζει, ἀλλ᾿ ἤδη ζητεῖ “τὸν δ᾿ ἀπαμειβόμενος.”


Τοὺς λευκοὺς ἀγαπῶ, φιλέω δ᾿ ἅμα τοὺς μελιχρώδεις καὶ ξανθούς, στέργω δ᾿ ἔμπαλι τοὺς μέλανας. οὐδὲ κόρας ξανθὰς παραπέμπομαι· ἀλλὰ περισσῶς τοὺς μελανοφθάλμους αἰγλοφανεῖς τε φιλῶ.


Πρωκτὸς καὶ χρυσὸς τὴν αὐτὴν ψῆφον ἔχουσιν· ψηφίζων δ᾿ ἀφελῶς τοῦτό ποθ᾿ εὗρον ἐγώ.


Σφιγκτὴρ οὐκ ἔστιν παρὰ παρθένῳ, οὐδὲ φίλημα ἁπλοῦν, οὐ φυσικὴ χρωτὸς ἐϋπνοΐη,


Book XII

one of still untouched maturity “lalu”; “coco” the one just beginning to swell out; but the one already heaving to your hand—speak of it as “lizard”. As for the more perfect specimen, you know what you ought to call it.

4.—By the Same

I delight in the prime of a boy of twelve, but one of thirteen is much more desirable. He who is fourteen is a still sweeter flower of the Loves, and one who is just beginning his fifteenth year is yet more delightful. The sixteenth year is that of the gods, and as for the seventeenth it is not for me, but for Zeus, to seek it. But if one has a desire for those still older, he no longer plays, but now seeks “And answering him back.”1

5.—By the Same

I like them pale, and I also love those with a skin the colour of honey, and the fair too; and on the other hand I am taken by the black-haired. Nor do I dismiss brown eyes; but above all I love sparkling black eyes.

6.—By the Same

The numerical value of the letters in πρωκτὸς (anus) and χρυσὸς (gold) is the same.2 I once found this out reckoning up casually.

7.—By the Same

In a maid there is no question of a real sphincter nor a simple kiss, no natural nice smell of the skin, nor of that sweet sexy talk or limpid look. Besides,

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.greek_anthology_12.1918