Greek Anthology

Book X

The Hortatory And Admonitoryepigrams

The first seventeen epigrams in this book, some very pretty, are chiefly addresses to harbour gods derived from all three of the main sources of the Anthology. We have next, with some epigrams from Agathias’ Cycle and some others inserted, a large collection of the epigrams of Palladas of Alexandria, a versifier as to whose merit there is much difference of opinion, but who is at least interesting as the sole poetical representative of his time and surroundings (Nos. 18–99). Then we have (100–103) a short fragment of Philippus’ Slephanus, and then a miscellany mostly not of epigrams but of verse extracts from literary sources.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.greek_anthology_10.1918