Grattius, Cynegetica

LCL 284: 150-151

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Minor Latin Poets

Gratti Cynegeticon

Dona cano divom, laetas venantibus artes, auspicio, Diana, tuo. prius omnis in armis spes fuit et nuda silvas virtute movebant inconsulti homines vitaque erat error in omni. 5post alia propiore via meliusque profecti te sociam, Ratio, rebus sumpsere gerendis. hinc omne auxilium vitae rectusque reluxit ordo et contiguas didicere ex artibus artes proserere, hinc demens cecidit violentia retro. 10sed primum auspicium deus artibus altaque circa firmamenta dedit; tum partes quisque secutus exegere suas tetigitque industria finem.

  • 2inermis Barth (in not. “forte legend.”): in armis A.


Grattius The Chase

Under thine auspices, Diana, do I chant the gifts of the gods a —the skill that has made the hunters glad. Erstwhile their sole hope lay in their weapons: b men untrained stirred the woods with prowess unaided by skill: c mistakes beset life everywhere. Afterwards, by another and a more fitting way, d with better schooling they took thee, Reason, to aid their enterprises. From Reason came all their help in life: the true order of things shone forth: men learned out of arts to produce kindred arts: from Reason came the undoing of mad violence. But ’twas a divinity who gave the first favouring impulse to the arts, putting around them their deep-set props: then did every man work out the portions of his choice, and industry

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.grattius-cynegetica.1934