Galen, Method of Medicine

LCL 518: 424-425

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1. Περὶ μὲν τῶν παρὰ φύσιν ὄγκων ὁπόσοι μέν εἰσι καὶ ὁποῖοι γέγραπται πρόσθεν ἰδίᾳ καθ᾿ ἓν βιβλίον. ὡς δ᾿ ἄν τις αὐτοὺς θεραπεύοι μεθόδῳ, τῆς προκειμένης πραγματείας ἴδιον ὄν, ἐν τῷ τρισκαιδεκάτῳ τῶνδε τῶν ὑπομνημάτων ἠρξάμεθα λέγειν. ἐπεὶ δ᾿ ἐν τοῖς ἔμπροσθεν ὑπὲρ ἁπάντων πυρετῶν ὁ λόγος ἐγεγόνει, βέλτιον ἔδοξέ μοι περὶ πρώτης φλεγμονῆς διελθεῖν ὡς ἂν συνεχέστατά τε γινομένης καὶ πυρετοὺς ἐπιφερούσης πολλάκις. εἴρηται μὲν οὖν τι κἀν τῇ τῶν πυρετῶν θεραπείᾳ περὶ τῆς φλεγμονῆς ἅμα ταῖς | 946Kἄλλαις αὐτῶν αἰτίαις· ἀλλ᾿ ὁ τέλειός τε καὶ ἴδιος αὐτῆς λόγος ἐν τῷ πρὸ τούτου βιβλίῳ γέγραπται, τὴν μέθοδον τῆς θεραπείας ὁποία τίς ἐστὶ διερχομένων ἡμῶν, οὐ τὴν τῶν βοηθημάτων ὕλην, ὅ τι μὴ παραδείγματος ἕνεκεν, ὡς κἀπὶ τῶν ἔμπροσθεν ἐποιήσαμεν.

οὐ πόρρω δὲ τῆς φλεγμονῆς ἕτερον νόσημά ἐστιν ἐρυσίπελας ὀνομαζόμενον, ἐπὶ χολώδει χυμῷ συνιστάμενον, ὡς ἐδείχθη. βέλτιον δ᾿ ἴσως αὐτὸ μακροτέρῳ λόγῳ διορίσαι τῆς φλεγμονῆς. κοινὰ μὲν οὖν


Method of Medicine XIV


1. I have previously written about the swellings contrary to945K nature—how many there are and of what sort—separately in one book.1 How someone might treat them methodically, which is the particular task of the work before us, I started to speak about in the thirteenth [book] of these treatises. Because in those [books] that preceded [the thirteenth], discussion had taken place about all fevers, it seemed to me better to go over inflammation first, as it occurs very frequently and often brings fever with it. Therefore, I also said something, even in the treatment of fevers, about inflammation together with the other causes946K of fevers, but the complete and specific discussion of inflammation has been given in the book prior to this one where I went over the method of treatment in terms of kind, but not the material of the remedies, other than for the sake of an example, as I did in the earlier books.

Not far removed from inflammation, there is another disease called erysipelas which arises from a bilious humor, as was shown. It is, perhaps, better to differentiate this from inflammation by means of a lengthier discus-

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.galen-method_medicine.2011