Frontinus, Stratagems

LCL 174: 266-267

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Sextus Julius Frontinus

Liber Quartus1

Multa lectione conquisitis strategematibus et non exiguo scrupulo digestis, ut promissum trium librorum implerem, si modo implevi, hoc exhibebo ea, quae parum apte discriptioni priorum ad speciem alligatae subici videbantur et erant exempla potius strategicon quam strategemata; quae idcirco separavi, quia quamvis clara diversae tamen erant substantiae, ne, si qui forte in aliqua ex his incidissent, similitudine inducti praetermissa opinarentur. Et sane velut res residua expedienda fuit, in qua et ipse ordinem per species servare conabor:

I. De disciplina.

II. De effectu disciplinae.

III. De continentia.

IIII. De iustitia.

V. De constantia.

VI. De affectu et moderatione.

VII. De variis consiliis.


Stratagems, IV

Book IV

Having, by extensive reading, collected examples of stratagems, and having arranged these at no small pains, in order to fulfil the promise of my three books (if only I have fulfilled it), in the present book I shall set forth those instances which seemed to fall less naturally under the former classification (which was limited to special types), and which are illustrations rather of military science in general than of stratagems. Inasmuch as these incidents, though famous, belong to a different subject,1 I have given them separate treatment, for fear that if any persons should happen in reading to run across some of them, they might be led by the resemblance to imagine that these examples had been overlooked by me. As supplementary material, of course, these topics called for treatment. In presenting them, I shall endeavour to observe the following categories:

I. On discipline.

II. On the effect of discipline.

III. On restraint and disinterestedness

IV. On justice.

V. On determination (“the will to victory”).

VI. On good will and moderation.

VII. On sundry maxims and devices.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.frontinus-stratagems.1925