As Consul to the People (F5–7)

In 44 BC, when he was consul, Dolabella delivered several speeches to the People, especially after the assassination of C. Iulius Caesar (121) in March 44 BC (CCMR, App. A:

F 5 Cic. Fam. 9.14 (= Att. 14.17A).7–8 [ad Dolabellam]

legi enim contionem tuam: nihil illa sapientius; ita pedetemptim et gradatim tum accessus a te ad causam facti, tum recessus, ut res ipsa maturitatem tibi animadvertendi omnium concessu daret. [8] liberasti igitur et urbem periculo et civitatem metu, neque solum ad tempus maximam utilitatem attulisti sed etiam ad exemplum.

F 6 Cic. Att. 14.20.2, 4

L. Antoni horribilis contio, Dolabellae praeclara.... [4] ... Dolabellae et prima illa actio et haec contra Antonium contio mihi profecisse permultum videtur.

F 7 Quint. Inst. 8.2.4

... aut, quod in oratione Dolabellae emendatum a Cicerone adnotavi, “mortem ferre” ...



As Consul to the People (F 5–7)

356; cf. App. B Civ. 2.122.511; Cass. Dio 44.22.1 [CCMR, App. A: 347]; App. B Civ. 2.142.593 [CCMR, App. A: 351]; Cic. Phil. 1.6 [CCMR, App. A: 357]).

F 5 Cicero, Letters to Friends [to Dolabella]

For I have read your speech to the People: nothing wiser than that; so cautiously and gradually first an approach to the issue, then a withdrawal was made by you, so that by general consent the very facts showed the time to be ripe for your punitive action. [8] So you have rescued both the city [of Rome] from danger and the community from fear, and you have done a vast amount of good, not only for the present occasion, but also as a precedent.

F 6 Cicero, Letters to Atticus

L. Antonius’ [brother of M. Antonius (159)] public speech is appalling, Dolabella’s is splendid.... [4] ... As for Dolabella, both that first intervention of his and this public speech against Antony seem to me to have done a lot of good.

F 7 Quintilian, The Orator’s Education

... or the phrase that I noticed as having been corrected by Cicero in a speech by Dolabella, “to bear death”1 ...

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.fragmentary_republican_latin-oratory.2019