habitura tua et natura admirabilis et exquisita doctrina et singularis industria. cum enim in maximis causis versatus esses et cum tibi aetas nostra iam cederet fascisque summitteret, subito in civitate cum alia ceciderunt tum etiam ea ipsa, de qua disputare ordimur, eloquentia obmutuit.

T 2 Cic. Brut. 120

[Cicero:] quo magis tuum, Brute, iudicium probo, qui eorum {id est ex vetere Academia}1 philosophorum sectam secutus es, quorum in doctrina atque praeceptis disserendi ratio coniungitur cum suavitate dicendi et copia ...

T 3 Cic. Brut. 324

[Cicero:] maxime vero perspecta est utriusque nostrum exercitatio paulo ante quam perterritum armis hoc studium, Brute, nostrum conticuit subito et obmutuit: cum lege Pompeia ternis horis ad dicendum datis ad causas simillimas inter se vel potius easdem novi veniebamus cotidie. quibus quidem causis tu etiam, Brute, praesto fuisti complurisque et nobiscum et solus egisti ...

  • 1del. Lambinus


your remarkable natural gifts, meticulous studying, and unique industry will one day have. For when you had been engaged in cases of the greatest significance and when our advancing age was already giving way to you and laying down the signs of office, suddenly other things in the community collapsed, and even eloquence itself, about which we are setting out to have a discussion, became mute.

T 2 Cicero, Brutus

[Cicero:] The more therefore I praise your judgment, Brutus, you who have followed the school [Old Academy] of those philosophers {that is, from the Old Academy} in whose teaching and precepts the method of logical discussion is joined with charm and fullness of speaking ...

T 3 Cicero, Brutus

[Cicero:] The proficiency of the two of us [Cicero and Q. Hortensius Hortalus (92)] was made manifest most conspicuously a short time before this our common study, Brutus, greatly terrified by arms, suddenly fell silent and became mute: when according to the Lex Pompeia three hours each were granted for speaking,1 we appeared daily in cases very similar to each other or rather identical, in novel ways. In these cases you also, Brutus, were involved, and you pleaded in a number of them, both with us and on your own ...

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.fragmentary_republican_latin-oratory.2019