On Behalf of M. Aemilius Scaurus (F9)

F 9 Asc. in Cic. Scaur., arg. (p.18 KS = 20.13–18 C.)

= 92 F 48.

On Behalf of T. Annius Milo (F10)

F 10 Asc. in Cic. Mil., arg. (p.30 KS = 34.15–21 C.)

= 92 F 49.

On His Own Behalf (F11–12)

F 11 Caelius ap. Cic. Fam. 8.4.1

invideo tibi. tam multa cottidie quae mireris1 istoc perferuntur. primum illud, absolutum Messalam, deinde eundem condemnatum; C. Marcellum consulem factum, M. Calidium2 ab repulsa postulatum a Galli<i>s3 duobus ...

  • 1mireris codd. det. vel edd. vet.: mirer codd.: mirere Rutilius
  • 2Cal(l)idium Corradus: claudium codd.
  • 3Galli<i>s Corradus: gallis codd.


On Behalf of M. Aemilius Scaurus (F 9)

Also in 54 BC, Calidius was one of the advocates who defended M. Aemilius Scaurus (139) (TLRR 295; cf. 148).

F 9 Asconius on Cicero, Pro Scauro

= 92 F 48.

On Behalf of T. Annius Milo (F 10)

In 52 BC Calidius contributed to the defense of T. Annius Milo (138) at one of his trials (TLRR 306).

F 10 Asconius on Cicero, Pro Milone

= 92 F 49.

On His Own Behalf (F 11–12)

In 51 BC Calidius was prosecuted for misconduct in that year’s election campaign for the consulship by two Gallii, who may have been the sons of Q. Gallius (cf. F 3–6), and seems to have defended himself (TLRR 330).

F 11 Caelius in Cicero, Letters to Friends

I envy you. So much that you must be surprised at is conveyed in your direction every day: first this, that Messalla [M. Valerius Messalla Rufus, cos. 53 BC] was acquitted; then, that the same person was convicted; that C. Marcellus [C. Claudius Marcellus, cos. 50 BC] was elected consul; that M. Calidius, after his electoral defeat, was prosecuted by the two Gallii ...

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.fragmentary_republican_latin-oratory.2019