F 2 Asc. in Cic. Scaur. II.45 (p.23 KS = 26.13–18 C.)

= 121 F 20.

F 3 Ps.-Asc. in Cic. Div. Caec. 24 (p.194.6–8 Stangl)

= 92 F 19.

On Behalf of C. Porcius Cato (F4)

After C. Porcius Cato (136) had been Tribune of the People in 56 BC, he was prosecuted in 54 BC by C. Asinius Pollio (174 F 15–18) for his activities in that office; Scau-

F 4 Asc. in Cic. Scaur., arg. (p.16 KS = 18.15–17 C.)

erat tamen aliquando inter patronos causarum {s}et,1 postquam ex provincia redierat, dixerat pro C. Catone, isque erat absolutus a.d. IIII2 Non. Quint.

On His Own Behalf (F5)

F 5 Asc. in Cic. Scaur., arg. (p.18 KS = 20.18–21 C.)

ipse quoque Scaurus dixit pro se ac magnopere iudices movit et squalore et lacrimis et aedilitatis effusae memoria



F 2 Asconius on Cicero, Pro Scauro

= 121 F 20.

F 3 Pseudo-Asconius on Cicero, Against Caecilius

= 92 F 19.

On Behalf of C. Porcius Cato (F 4)

rus defended him successfully in what seems to have been a second trial (TLRR 286; Cic. Att. 4.15.4: 92 F 47; 4.16.5; on the role of C. Licinius Macer Calvus, see 165 F 30).

F 4 Asconius on Cicero, Pro Scauro

Still he [Scaurus] sometimes appeared among the pleaders of cases and, after he had returned from the province [from his propraetorship in Sardinia], he had spoken on behalf of C. Cato [C. Porcius Cato (136)], and the latter was acquitted on the fourth day before the Nones of Quintilis [July 4].

On His Own Behalf (F 5)

When Scaurus was prosecuted for extortion by P. Valerius Triarius (148 F 1–2), he was defended by six advocates, including Cicero (Cic. Scaur.) as well as himself, and was acquitted (TLRR 295).

F 5 Asconius on Cicero, Pro Scauro

Scaurus himself also spoke on his own behalf and greatly moved the judges, by filthy appearance, by tears, and by

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