F 20 Iul. Exup.3.20

statim ut Romam venit, resistentem sibi Sulpicium et seditiosis contionibus rem publicam disturbantem cum multis, quos sibi socios adsciverat, trucidavit ...


Nothing is known about L. Antistius (RE Antistius 12) other than what can be inferred from Cicero’s comments. It has been suggested that L. Antistius is identical with P.

Against T. Matrinius of Spoletium (F1)

L. Antistius prosecuted T. Matrinius of Spoletium (modern Spoleto in Umbria) for holding Roman citizenship received from C. Marius and exercising its rights (TLRR 89). Antistius is said to have argued that the grant was invalid, as the precondition, a law of L. Appuleius Saturninus (64A) on giving Roman citizenship to people in colonies,

F 1 Cic. Balb. 48

itaque cum paucis annis post hanc civitatis donationem acerrima de civitate quaestio Licinia et Mucia lege venisset, num quis eorum, qui de foederatis civitatibus esset civitate donatus, in iudicium est vocatus? nam Spoletinus T. Matrinius, unus ex iis quos C. Marius civitate donasset,



F 20 Iulius Exuperantius

Immediately after he [L. Cornelius Sulla] had come to Rome, he slew Sulpicius, who was opposing him and throwing the Republic into disorder with seditious speeches before the People, along with many whom he had attached to himself as followers ...


Antistius (78), since the latter is recognized as an orator in Cicero’s Brutus and personal names often get confused in the manuscripts.

Against T. Matrinius of Spoletium (F 1)

had been annulled in the meantime. One of Appuleius’ laws on colonization and land distribution (e.g., Lex Appuleia de coloniis in Siciliam Achaiam Macedoniam deducendis: LPPR, p.332) must have included regulations for awarding citizenship.

F 1 Cicero, Pro Balbo

And so, when a few years after this gift of citizenship [by C. Marius to people in Italy] a most severe investigation concerning citizenship had come to take place under the Lex Licinia et Mucia [Lex Licinia Mucia de civibus redigundis, 95 BC: LPPR, p.335], was anyone of those who, from allied states, had been presented with citizenship, ever brought to trial? For T. Matrinius of Spoletium was the only one of those whom C. Marius had presented with

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.fragmentary_republican_latin-oratory.2019