Excerpta Valesiana

LCL 331: 508-509

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Anonymi Valesiani Pars Prior

Anonymi Valesiani Pars Prior

Origo Constantini Imperatoris

1. 1. Diocletianus cum Herculio Maximiano imperavit annos XX.

2. Constantius, divi Claudii optimi principis nepos ex fratre, protector primum, inde tribunus,1 postea praeses Dalmatiarum fuit. Iste cum Galerio a Diocletiano Caesar factus est. Relicta enim Helena priore uxore, filiam Maximiani Theodoram duxit uxorem, ex qua postea sex liberos Constantini fratres habuit. Sed de priore uxore Helena filium iam Constantinum habuit, qui postea princeps potentissimus fuit.

2. 2. Hic igitur Constantinus, natus Helena matre vilissima in oppido Naisso atque eductus, quod oppidum postea magnifice ornavit, litteris minus


Anonymi Valesiani Pars Posterior

The Anonymus Valesianus, First Part

The Lineage of the Emperor Constantine

1. 1. Diocletian ruled with Herculius1 Maximianus for twenty years.

2. Constantius,2 grandson of the brother of that best of emperors Claudius,3 was first one of the emperor’s bodyguard, then a tribune, and later, governor of Dalmatia.4 With Galerius he was appointed Caesar by Diocletian5; for he put away his former wife Helena and married Theodora, daughter of Maximianus, by whom he afterwards had six children,6 brothers of Constantine. But by his former wife Helena he already had a son Constantine, who was later the mightiest of emperors.

2. 2. This Constantine, then, born of Helena, a mother of very common origin, and brought up in the town of Naissus,7 which he afterwards splendidly adorned, had but slight training in letters.8 He was

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.excerpta_valesiana.1939