Euripides, Electra

LCL 9: 152-153

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Ὦ γῆς Πελασγῶν ἀρδμός, Ἰνάχου ῥοαί, ὅθεν ποτ᾿ ἄρας ναυσὶ χιλίαις Ἄρη ἐς γῆν ἔπλευσε Τρῳάδ᾿ Ἀγαμέμνων ἄναξ. κτείνας δὲ τὸν κρατοῦντ᾿ ἐν Ἰδαίᾳ χθονὶ 5Πρίαμον ἑλών τε Δαρδάνου κλεινὴν πόλιν ἀφίκετ᾿ ἐς τόδ᾿ Ἄργος, ὑψηλῶν δ᾿ ἐπὶ ναῶν ἔθηκε σκῦλα πλεῖστα βαρβάρων. κἀκεῖ μὲν ηὐτύχησεν· ἐν δὲ δώμασιν θνῄσκει γυναικὸς πρὸς Κλυταιμήστρας δόλῳ 10καὶ τοῦ Θυέστου παιδὸς Αἰγίσθου χερί. χὠ μὲν παλαιὰ σκῆπτρα Ταντάλου λιπὼν ὄλωλεν, Αἴγισθος δὲ βασιλεύει χθονός, ἄλοχον ἐκείνου Τυνδαρίδα κόρην ἔχων. οὓς δ᾿ ἐν δόμοισιν ἔλιφ᾿ ὅτ᾿ ἐς Τροίαν ἔπλει, 15ἄρσενά τ᾿ Ὀρέστην θῆλύ τ᾿ Ἠλέκτρας θάλος, τὸν μὲν πατρὸς γεραιὸς ἐκκλέπτει τροφεὺς μέλλοντ᾿ Ὀρέστην χερὸς ὑπ᾿ Αἰγίσθου θανεῖν Στροφίῳ τ᾿ ἔδωκε Φωκέων ἐς γῆν τρέφειν·

  • 1Πελασγῶν Semitelos: παλαιὸν L ἀρδμός Herwerden: ἄργος L: ὄλβος Semitelos
  • 4Ἰδαίᾳ Elmsley: Ἰλιάδι L
  • 10del. Klinkenberg



Enter from the skene, representing a rustic cottage, a farmer, Electra’s supposed husband.

Streams of Inachus, that water the land of the Pelasgians! It was from you that King Agamemnon set forth for war with a thousand ships and sailed to the land of Troy. When he had killed Priam, Troy’s ruler, and captured the glorious city of Dardanus, he returned here to Argos, and on our lofty temples he hung the rich spoils of the barbarian. In Troy his fortunes were good, but at home he was treacherously slain by his wife Clytaemestra and by the hand of Thyestes’ son, Aegisthus.

Now he has relinquished the ancient scepter of Tantalus and is gone, and Aegisthus rules the land, having married Agamemnon’s wife, the daughter of Tyndareus. As for the children he left behind when he sailed to Troy, his son Orestes and his daughter Electra, the old servant who raised Agamemnon snatched Orestes away as Aegisthus was about to kill him, sending him to Strophius in Phocis

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.euripides-electra.1998