τμηθεῖσα δοκοὺς Χαλύβῳ πελέκει καὶ ταυροδέτῳ κόλλῃ κραθεῖσ᾿ ἀτρεκεκῖς ἁρμοὺς κυπάρισσος. ἁγνὸν δὲ βίον τείνομεν ἐξ οὗ 10Διὸς Ἰδαίου μύστης γενόμην καὶ νυκτιπόλου Ζαγρέως βούτης τὰς ὠμοφάγους δαῖτας τελέσας, Μητρί τ᾿ ὀρείᾳ δᾷδας ἀνασχὼν μετὰ Κουρήτων 15βάκχος ἐκλήθην ὁσιωθείς. πάλλευκα δ᾿ ἔχων εἵματα φεύγω γένεσίν τε βροτῶν καὶ νεκροθήκας οὐ χριμπτόμενος, τήν τ᾿ ἐμψύχων βρῶσιν ἐδεστῶν πεφύλαγμαι. 5-6 word-order von Arnim, Austin: στεγανοὺς παρέχει after Χαλύβῳ πελέκει, Porphyry, Erotian 7 κόλλῃ κραθεῖσ᾿ Hermann: κολληθεὶς Erotian: κρηθεῖσ᾿ Porphyry 8 κυπάρισσος Bentley: -ίσσου Porphyry 11 καὶ Grotius: καὶ μὴ Porphyry βούτης Diels, Nauck: βρο(ν)τὰς Porphyry 12 τὰς Cantarella: τάς τε Porphyry 14 μετὰ Blaydes, Wilamowitz: καὶ P. Oxy., Porphyry 17 νεκροθήκας Wecklein: -ης Porphyry: -αις, with lacuna before καὶ and τ᾿ deleted in 19, Wilamowitz 18 lacuna before οὐ χριμπτόμενος Diggle


cypress-wood cut into beams with Chalybean axe and bonded in exact joints with ox-glue.3 Pure is the life I have led since I became an initiate of Idaean Zeus and a servitor10 of night-ranging Zagreus,4 performing his feasts of raw flesh; and raising torches high to the mountain Mother among the Curetes, I was consecrated and named a celebrant.5 In clothing all of white I shun the birthing of men,15 and the places of their dead I do not go near;6 against the eating of animal foods I have guarded myself.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.euripides-dramatic_fragments.2008