Euripides, Cyclops

LCL 12: 60-61

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Ὦ Βρόμιε, διὰ σὲ μυρίους ἔχω πόνους νῦν χὤτ᾿ ἐν ἥβῃ τοὐμὸν ηὐσθένει δέμας· πρῶτον μὲν ἡνίκ᾿ ἐμμανὴς Ἥρας ὕπο Νύμφας ὀρείας ἐκλιπὼν ᾤχου τροφούς· 5ἔπειθ᾿ ὅτ᾿ ἀμφὶ γηγενῆ μάχην δορὸς ἐνδέξιος σῷ ποδὶ παρασπιστὴς βεβὼς Ἐγκέλαδον ἰτέαν ἐς μέσην θενὼν δορὶ ἔκτεινα—φέρ᾿ ἴδω, τοῦτ᾿ ἰδὼν ὄναρ λέγω; οὐ μὰ Δί᾿, ἐπεὶ καὶ σκῦλ᾿ ἔδειξα Βακχίῳ. 10καὶ νῦν ἐκείνων μείζον᾿ ἐξαντλῶ πόνον. ἐπεὶ γὰρ Ἥρα σοι γένος Τυρσηνικὸν λῃστῶν ἐπῶρσεν, ὡς ὁδηθείης μακράν, <ἐγὼ> πυθόμενος σὺν τέκνοισι ναυστολῶ σέθεν κατὰ ζήτησιν. ἐν πρύμνῃ δ᾿ ἄκρᾳ

  • 5ἔπειθ᾿ ὅτ᾿ Hermann: ἔπειτά γ᾿ L
  • 6βεβὼς Kassel: γεγὼς L
  • 13<ἐγὼ> Tr



Enter from Polyphemus’ cave silenus with a rake in his hand.

(apostrophizing the absent Dionysus) O Bromius, labors numberless have I had because of you, now and when I was young and able-bodied! First, when Hera drove you mad and you went off leaving behind your nurses, the mountain nymphs; 1 next, when in the battle with the Earthborn Giants 2 I took my stand protecting your right flank with my shield and, striking Enceladus with my spear in the center of his targe, killed him. (Come, let me see, did I dream all this? No, by Zeus, for I also displayed the spoils to Dionysus.)

But now I am enduring a labor greater than those. For when Hera raised the Tuscan pirates 3 against you to have you sold as a slave to a far country, I learned of it and took ship with my sons to find you. Taking my stand right at the

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.euripides-cyclops.1994