Euphronius, Testimonia

LCL 514: 24-25

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i IG ii2 2318.46–48

κωμῳδῶν Εὐρυκλείδης ἐχορήγει Εὐφρόνιος ἐδίδασκε

ii IG ii22325.48

Εὐφρόν]ιος I


This shadowy figure won a victory at the Dionysia of 458 (T 1). If his name is to be restored on the list of victors at the Dionysia before those of Ecphantides and Cratinus (first victory in 454), this was his only success. Vermeule (Antike Kunst 5 [1964] 34–39) calls attention to a late sixth century vase by Euphronius on which a singer, labelled “Ecphantides,” performs at a symposium and wonders if the comic poets of the 450s, Euphronius and Ecphantides, could be the grandsons of vase painter and singer.


i [the results of the dramatic contests for the Dionysia of 458]

Of comic poets/Euryclides acted as chorēgus/Euphronius put on the play.

ii [from the list of victors at the Dionysia]

Euphron]ius 1

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.euphronius-testimonia.2011