Empedocles, Testimonia, Part 2: Doctrine (D)

LCL 528: 362-363

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Purifications (D4–D40) Proem (D4–D5)

D4 (B112) Diog. Laert. 8.54 (v. 1–2a) + 8.62 (v. 1–2, 4–11); Diod. Sic. 13.83.1 (v. 3); Clem. Alex. Strom. 6.30.1 (v. 10, 12)

[. . .] αὐτὸς ἐναρχόμενος τῶν Καθαρμῶν φησιν·

ὦ φίλοι, οἳ μέγα ἄστυ κατὰ ξανθοῦ Ἀκράγαντος ναίετ’ ἀν’ ἄκρα πόλεος, ἀγαθῶν μελεδήμονες ἔργων, ξείνων αἰδοῖοι λιμένες, κακότητος ἄπειροι, χαίρετ’· ἐγὼ δ’ ὑμῖν θεὸς ἄμβροτος, οὐκέτι θνητός 5πωλεῦμαι μετὰ πᾶσι τετιμένος, ὥσπερ ἔοικα, ταινίαις τε περίστεπτος στέφεσίν τε θαλείοις· τοῖσιν ἅμ’ εὖτ’ ἂν ἵκωμαι ἐς ἄστεα τηλεθάοντα, ἀνδράσιν ἠδὲ γυναιξὶ σεβίζομαι· οἱ δ’ ἅμ’ ἕπονται μυρίοι ἐξερέοντες ὅπῃ πρὸς κέρδος ἀταρπός, 10οἱ μὲν μαντοσυνέων κεχρημένοι, οἱ δ’ ἐπὶ νούσων παντοίων ἐπύθοντο κλύειν εὐηκέα βάξιν δηρὸν δὴ χαλεπῇσι πεπαρμένοι <ἀμφ’ ὀδύνῃσι>.

3 om. Diog. Laert., add. Sturz ex Diod. 7 τοῖσιν ἅμ’ εὖτ’ ἂν ἵκωμαι P4: τοῖσιν ἅμα νίκωμαι BP1F: <πᾶσι δὲ> τοῖς ἂν ἵκωμαι Wilamowitz: <πᾶσι δ’> ἅμ’ εὖτ’ ἂν ἵκωμαι Wright 10 δ’ ἐπὶ Sturz ex Clem.: δέ τι BPF: δέ τε rec.


Purifications (D4–D40) Proem (D4–D5)1

D4 (B112) Diogenes Laertius (et al.)

[. . .] he himself says at the beginning of the Purifications:

Friends, you who dwell in the great city beside the yellow Acragas On the lofty citadel and who care for good deeds, Respectful harbors for strangers, inexperienced in wickedness, I greet you! I, who for you am an immortal god, no longer mortal, 5I go among you, honored, as I am seen, Crowned with ribbons and with blooming garlands. Whenever I arrive with these in the flourishing cities, I am venerated by men and by women; they follow me, Thousands of them, asking where is the road to benefit: 10Some of them desire prophecies, others ask to hear, For illnesses of all kinds, a healing utterance, Pierced for a long time by terrible <pains>.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.empedocles-doctrine.2016