Diopeithes, Testimonium

LCL 514: 2-3

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i IG ii2 2325.51

Διοπ]είθης II



The list of victors at the Dionysia attributes two victories to a poet whose name ends in –eithes. He comes after Cratinus (debut 454) and before Crates and Callias, poets of the 440s. We are thus looking for a poet who won for the first time in the late 450s. Space on the inscription will allow for four or five characters before –eithes. The name is most commonly completed as Diopeithes, but other possibilities exist: an Axiopeithes, known to belong to a prominent family in the mid-fifth century (PAA 139645), and (more interestingly) Philopeithes (PAA 941940), who married the sister of Aeschylus and was the father of the tragic poet Philocles.


i [on the list of victors at the Dionysia]

Diop]eithes 2

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.diopeithes-testimonium.2011