Dionysius Chalcus, Fragments

LCL 258: 430-431

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Elegiac Poetry


1–4 Ath. 15.668e–69e

μνημονεύει τῶν λατάγων καὶ τῶν κοττάβων καὶ ὁ Χαλκοῦς καλούμενος Διονύσιος ἐν τοῖς ἐλεγείοις διὰ τούτων·


Dionysius Chalcus


1–4 Athenaeus, Scholars at Dinner1

Dionysius called Chalcus (Bronze) mentions the wine drops and games of cottabus2 in his elegies as follows:

  • 1The number of poems represented by these fragments is unclear.
  • 2The cottabus in its various forms involved basically the throwing of wine drops at a target and the player often dedicated his toss to someone with a view to amorous success. For further details see Athenaeus 11.487d-e, 15.665a-69e, and F. Lissarrague, The Aesthetics of the Greek Banquet (Princeton 1987) 80–86, and cf. Critias fr. 2.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.dionysius_chalcus-fragments.1999