Cornelius Nepos

XIV. Datames

1. Datames, patre Camisare, natione Care, matre Scythissa natus,primum militum in1 numero fuit apud Artaxerxen eorum qui regiam tuebantur. Pater eius Camisares, quod et manu fortis et bello strenuus et regi multis locis fidelis erat repertus, habuit provinciam partem Ciliciae iuxta Cappadoeiam, quam incolunt 2Leucosyri. Datames, militare munus fungens, primum qualis esset aperuit in bello quod rex adversus Cadusios gessit. Namque hic, multis milibus regiorum interfectis,2 magni fuit eius opera. Quo factum est, cum in eo bello cecidisset Camisares, ut3 paterna ei traderetur provincia.

2. Pari se virtute postea praebuit, cum Autophrodates iussu regis bello persequeretur eos qui defecerant. Namque huius opera hostes, cum castra iam intrassent, profligati sunt exercitusque reliquus conservatus regis est; qua ex re maioribus rebus praeesse

  • 1in, added by Fleck.; in before militum, Nipp.
  • 2multis . . . interfectis, put after intrassent (2. 1) by Cobet, followed with variations by Guill.
  • 3ut, added by Heusinger.

XIV. Datames

XIV. Datames

1. Datames, son of Camisares, a Carian by nationality, born of a Scythian mother,1 began his career as one of the corps of soldiers who guarded the palace of Artaxerxes.2 His father Camisares, because of his personal bravery and valour in war, and because he had on many occasions proved his loyalty to the king, governed that part of Cilicia which adjoins Cappadocia and is inhabited by the Leucosyri, or “White Syrians.” Datames, while serving as a soldier, first showed his quality in the war which the king waged against the Cadusii, in which, although many thousands of the king’s troops were slain, hisc. 380 services were of great value. The consequence was, that since Camisares had fallen in the course of that war, Datames became governor of his father’s province.

2. He later showed himself equally valiant when Autophrodates, at the king’s command, was making war upon the peoples that had revolted. For when the enemy had already entered the Persian camp, it was owing to Datames that they were routed and the rest of the king’s army was saved. And because of that exploit he began to be entrusted with more

  • 1Since 2. 4 seems to indicate that the mother of Datames was a Paphlagonian, some take Scythissa as her name.
  • 2Artaxerxes Mnemon, as everywhere in xiv.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.cornelius_nepos-book_great_generals_foreign_nations_datames.1929