Corinna, Fragments

LCL 461: 26-27

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Greek Lyric


654 P. Berol. 284, prim. ed. Wilamowitz, B.K.T. v 2 (1907) 19ss.

(a) col. i

1 ε]ὐστέφανον | 3]ἐπ᾿ ἄκρυ | 4 ]ορδς 5 ]ρντ᾿ ὀρίων | 6 ]ν φοῦλον ὀνι- | 9 ]ἠ 10 γ]ενέθλα·

12| ]  [] Κώειτες ἔκρου]ψαν δάθιọ[ν θι]ᾶς βρέφο]ς ἄντροι, λαθρά[δα]ν ἀγ- 15κο]υλομείταο Κρόνω, τα- νίκά νιν κλέψε μάκηρα Ῥία μεγ]άλαν τ᾿ [ἀ]θανάτων ἔσ- ς] ἕλε τιμάν. τάδ᾿ ἔμελψεμ· μάκαρας δ᾿ αὐτίκα Μώση 20φ]ερέμεν ψᾶφον ἔ[τ]αττον κρ]ουφίαν κάλπιδας ἐν χρουσοφαῖς· τὺ δ᾿ ἅμα πάντε[ς] ὦρθεν· πλίονας δ᾿ εἷλε Κιθηρών· τάχα δ᾿ Ἑρμᾶς ἀνέφαν[έν 25νι]ν ἀούσας ἐρατὰν ὡς ἕ]λε νίκαν, στεφ[ά]νυσιν





Frr. 654–5 are papyrus finds; 656–63 are from titled poems, 664–89 from unidentified poems.

654 Berlin papyrus from Hermopolis, 2nd c. a.d. (a) col. i

(The Contest of Helicon and Cithaeron)

‘. . . well-garlanded 1 . . . on the top . . . lyrestrings . . . (of) the mountains 2 . . . tribe of (asses?) . . . always . . . family 3 . . . the Curetes hid the holy babe of the goddess in a cave without the knowledge of crooked-witted Cronus, when blessed Rhea stole him and won great honour from the immortals.’ That was his song; and at once the Muses instructed the blessed ones to put their secret voting-pebbles into the gold-shining urns; and they all rose together, and Cithaeron won the greater number; and Hermes promptly proclaimed with a shout that he had won his desired victory, and the blessed ones

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.corinna-fragments.1992