Columella, On Agriculture

LCL 407: 316-317

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Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella

stillari conveniet. Hoc eodem1 medicamine contacti ricini decidunt. Nam manu non sunt vellendi, 2ne, ut et ante praedixeram, faciant2 ulcera.3 Pulicosae cani remedia sunt sive cyminum tritum pari pondere cum veratro, aquaque mixtum et inlitum; seu cucumeris anguinei4 succus: vel si haec non sunt, vetus amurca per totum corpus infusa. Si scabies infestabit, gypsi et sesami tantundem conterito, et cum pice liquida permisceto, vitiosamque partem linito: quod medicamentum putatur etiam hominibus esse conveniens. Eadem pestis si fuerit vehementior, cedrino5 liquore aboletur. Reliqua vitia sicut in ceteris animalibus praecepimus, curanda erunt.


Hactenus de minore pecore. Mox de villaticis pastionibus, quae continent volucrum pisciumque et silvestrium quadrupedum curam, sequenti volumine praecipiemus.


Book VII

also fall off if they are touched with this same preparation; for they ought not to be plucked off by hand, lest, as we have remarked also before, they cause sores. A dog which is infested with fleas should be2 treated either with crushed cumin mixed in water with the same weight of hellebore and smeared on, or else with the juice of the snake-like cucumber, or if these are unobtainable, with stale oil-lees poured over the whole body. If a dog is attacked by the scab, gypsum and sesame should be ground together in equal quantities and mixed with liquid pitch and smeared on the part affected; this remedy is reported to be suitable also for human beings. If this plague has become rather violent, it is got rid of by the juice of the juniper.a The other diseases of dogs will have to be treated according to the instructions which we have given for the other animals.

So much for the lesser domestic animals. In the3 next book we will give instructions about the keeping of live stock at the farm-house, which includes the care of fowls, fish and four-footed wild creatures.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.columella-agriculture.1941