Clement of Alexandria, To the Newly Baptized

LCL 92: 368-369


Exhortation to Endurance

Exhortation to Endurance or to The Newly Baptized


The following fragment was discovered by Barnard in the Escurial Library with the heading “Precepts of Clement,” and was issued by him as an appendix to his edition of “The Rich Man” (Texts and Studies, edited by J. Armitage Robinson D.D., vol. v. No. 2). He conjectured that it might be part of a work mentioned by Eusebius (H.E. vi. 13) as being written by Clement of Alexandria and entitled “Exhortation to Endurance, or, To the Newly Baptized.” Stählin has accordingly printed it in his edition of Clement under this title. There can be little doubt but that Barnard’s conjecture was right, as the style and thoughts are quite suitable both to Clement and to the subject. If this is so, we have a notable addition to our knowledge of Clement as teacher. Small though the fragment is, it is enough


Exhortation to Endurance

to present a clear and beautiful picture of the ideal of Christian conduct as he understood it; indeed, it would be hard to find another work which, in the same short compass, could give advice that so perfectly described the good manners, the self-control, the purity of heart, the strenuous activity, the hopeful courage and the wide sympathy of the true Christian gentleman.

The fragment has been translated in full by J. Patrick in his Clement of Alexandria, pp. 183–185.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.clement_alexandria-newly_baptized.1919